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"A great read from a great author!"
"A perfect Christmas story."
"Tis the season for love - a must-read!"
"Sit back and enjoy."
"This book does NOT disappoint."
"A heartwarming story with wonderful characters."


"An excellent collection."
"Conflict and attraction."
"You can feel ... the heartbeats."
"Superbly crafted writing and an in-depth understanding of human emotions."
"I wait...not so patiently...for more from Laura."
"Wow! What a roller coaster ride!!! I loved it!!"
"Laura Taylor weaves tales of wounded love made whole by the ... strength of her characters."

DESERT ROSE (Book 1 - Warrior Series):

“I absolutely loved this book!”
“If you like patriotic, tough as nails military guys with a sensitive side, read this book!”
“Loved the book … I look forward to reading more from Laura Taylor!”
“Great writing style by the author.”
“Yet another winner by Laura Taylor!”
“They found true love in the most terrifying place.”
“I love everything Laura Taylor writes.”
"The best one yet!"

MIDNIGHT STORM (Book 2 - Warrior Series):

“It’s got everything – love, lust, action, suspense, and great characters!”
“I highly recommend Laura Taylor’s books to readers of all genres.”
“Devlin and Jessica are destined to be together – I’d love to spend a tornado like this!”
“Wow! You have to read this book!”
“Great midnight read!”
“You owe it to yourself to get Laura’s books.”
“Just lovely writing!”
“Great storyline, characters, and ending.”
"I am just loving the Warrior Series from Laura Taylor."
"I can't seem to get enough of her books!"

HEARTBREAKER (Book 3 - Warrior Series):

“A must-read!”
“Absolutely wonderful love story!”
“Heartbreaker – storytelling at its all-time best.”
“I could not put it down . . . read it in one day!”
“As with all Ms. Taylor’s romances, Heartbreaker grabbed me from the first page.”
“A must-read for all fans of romance.”
"For me all of Laura Taylor's books fall into the same category...OUTSTANDING!

MORE THAN FRIENDS (Book 4 - Warrior Series):

"Lovers of romance novels will NEVER go wrong reading a book written by Laura Taylor!"
"More Than Friends . . . superbly written, well plotted, and researched."
"It'll leave you wanting more!"
"Laura Taylor is an amazing author."
"I love all of the books from the Warrior Series."
"A superb romance novel from Laura Taylor."
"Count on Laura Taylor for an entertaining and romantic read of the highest standard."
"Another awesome book in the series!"


“Excellence continues!”
“Laura Taylor’s FALLEN ANGEL has it all!”
“FALLEN ANGEL kept me reading late into the night.”
“A timeless love story – everything you want in a romance.”
"I couldn't put the book down once I started it!"
"Laura Taylor creates characters characters that are both powerful and fragile and, at the same time, totally believable."
"Great writing style!"
"I only have a few favorite authors, and Laura Taylor is one of them."
"A beautiful story."


"Laura creates believably flawed characters whose redemption is so much sweeter because of the intensity of their emotional journey."
"Awesome ... sweet ... and touching! I just couldn't put down the book!"
"Laura Taylor is truly the mistress of romance, and I cannot wait for her next release."
"Wilder's Woman ...  a wonderful book!"
"Laura took me on an emotional roller-coaster ride that I thoroughly enjoyed."
"Get this book and read it! You will NOT be disappointed!"
"I am always delighted to discover unforgettable, strong, and charismatic characters in Ms. Taylor's books."
"Bravo, Author!  Another hit!"


"I loved Moment By Moment!"
"Laura Taylor continues to wow her readers."
"Captivating, exquisitely written, and heart-warming."
"Her writing is impeccable!"
"Another heartfelt endeavor by the author."

Additional Praise for Laura Taylor from her fellow writers:

"The incomparable Laura Taylor returns, and it's high time!"
KATHLEEN CREIGHTON RWA Hall of Fame Member & 5-time RITA Award Winner

"Laura Taylor's ability to marry passion with psychological integrity makes her a fantastic storyteller and a wordsmith not to be missed."
HELEN R. MYERS USA Today-Bestseller & Award-Winning Author

"Welcome back to the mistress of the edgy, sensual romance! Laura Taylor's books are page-turners."
PEGGY WEBB - Multiple Award-Winning Romance Writer

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