Thursday, September 11, 2014

#NewRelease SUBLIME - Love at the Beach Book Three - LAST DAY at #99cents #Romance #excerpt

Hello, readers! Earlier this week, I announced the launch of my new series, LOVE AT THE BEACH and gave you all a short excerpt from the first two books, SEDUCTION and SURRENDER. Let's close out the week (and the SALE) with a look at the third and final book in the series, SUBLIME.

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To celebrate, I'm pricing all three books in this series at the low, low price of  $0.99 for three days only (9/9 - 9/11)!  Since today is the last day of this amazing sale, please visit my book page for links to a wide variety of online booksellers. 

SUBLIME  (Book #3 - Love at the Beach

He exited the truck and slammed the door behind him. Tall, broad shouldered, and lean hipped, he moved with fluid grace as he crossed the yard. Even in casual attire of jeans, cowboy boots, and an unzipped leather bomber-style jacket worn over a blindingly white t-shirt, Jack McMillan exuded a predatory kind of power that Mariah found jarring.

As he drew nearer, his long-legged stride telegraphed masculine confidence and sexual sophistication. Mariah backed deeper into the shadows of the verandah. She needed a moment to deal with her awareness of Jack McMillan as a man and to tame her suddenly racing pulse.

Until now, she’d only thought of him as a talented restorer. Until now, it hadn’t even occurred to her that she might find him attractive. And until now, she’d dismissed the notion that she would ever meet a man who could make her feel capable of passion.

Fascinated by him despite an ingrained wariness born of past experiences, Mariah watched the breeze tug at his dark hair. Her fingertips tingled. Shocked, she closed her hands into fists. Sensations, hot and sultry, sang in her veins. Once intimidated by such raw sexuality in a man, she felt herself respond to Jack McMillan on an instinctively sensual level.

She scanned his tanned, strong-boned face, large hazel eyes, thick dark brows, and high cheekbones. Her gaze lingered on his hard jaw and the sensual shape of his lips, and her imagination hinted that the feel and taste of him would be pure pleasure.

She suddenly sensed something familiar about Jack McMillan. Pressing her palms together, Mariah stared at him.
Comprehension dawned. Abruptly. Painfully.
​ Shock and disbelief held her immobile as he climbed the steps to the verandah. She blinked, certain she was mistaken, praying she was wrong as memories carried her back into the past.

Mariah drew in a shallow breath. And then another. She felt as though she’d just been slapped. The sting of that slap penetrated her soul and wounded her heart.

He spoke. She heard his deep voice, his Virginia heritage evident in the resonant, vaguely sensual cadence. She failed to grasp his words.

Her self-protective instincts finally stirred to life. She steadied her breathing.

She watched him frown, even grasped his confusion as he tried to get a good look at her. She couldn’t fault his curiosity, although she experienced a moment of gratitude that the shadows prevented him from seeing much more than an outline of her shape.

The next move was hers. She summoned her inner strength, reminding herself that she’d come too far to turn back now. Numerous people depended upon her success. Even more important, emotional cowardice wasn’t an option. 

Bottom line, she refused to back down from this test of the life and the identity she’d built for herself.​

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