Sunday, November 29, 2015

The following is an excerpt from SEDUCTION: Love at the Beach, #1, one of the 12 novels included in the A Touch of Passion Boxed Set:

     Maggie lifted her face from the curve of Noah’s neck in the same moment that he drew back and looked down at her.  She froze, almost drowning in the yearning that suddenly engulfed her as she stared up at him.  His intense gaze assured her that anything he had was hers if she wanted or needed it.
     She wanted anything he had to offer, she realized.
     She knew too well the depth of that need, because she had guarded against it for so long.  But her defenses crumbled when she saw the array of emotions that blazed in Noah’s eyes.
     Then, she glimpsed smoldering desire.  It shocked her to her core.
     A corresponding frisson of desire blossomed in her body, undulating into her bloodstream like spilled hot honey.  Desire, so acute that it nearly drove her to her knees, devastated the last vestiges of her resistance.  She instinctively edged closer, burrowing against him, hungrier than she’d ever been in her entire life for emotional sustenance.
     She savored the strength of him.  She even felt gratitude for the powerful body that now sheltered her from the world.

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